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About Us

The Halifax Regional School Board was created in 1996 through the amalgamation of three individual boards that operated schools in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Halifax County.

Serving just under 49,000 students in 139 schools, we are the largest school board in Atlantic Canada.

Since 2003, the board has had two student advisors, to provide input on the wide variety of issues that affect students.

Our vision is to ensure every school improves by 2012-2013.

HRSB by the numbers:*

Elementary schools: 86
Junior High/Middle schools: 28
Primary to Grade 9: 9
Junior-Senior High schools: 3
Senior High schools: 13
Students, Primary to Grade 6: 25,143
Students, Grades 7 to 9: 11,233
Students, Grades 10 to 12: 13,176
Total staff: 9,000 (approx.)
Number of teachers: 3,851 (Full-time equivalents)

* As of September 30, 2011

What does it cost to run the HRSB?

The approved General Fund budget for 2011-12 totals $399,119,000 of which $285,725,300 came to us from the Nova Scotia Department of Education and $99,769,700 comes from the Halifax Regional Municipality. Below is a breakdown by department of the how the funding is spent.

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