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Highland Park Junior High

General Information

Civic Address: 3479 Robie St
City: Halifax
Postal Code: B3K 4S4
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Mailing Address: Same
Phone: 493-5124
Fax: 493-5130
Website: http://hpjh.ednet.ns.ca
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Constructed in: 1955
Area: 29005 ft2


Principal: Wade Smith
Vice-Principal: Chris MacLellan
Secretary: Bernice Alexander
Board Member:  District 5
      Christy Linders
      P: (902) 457-4173 / E:
African Nova Scotian representative:
      Melinda Daye
      P: (902) 717-1122 / E:
Mi'kmaq Representative:
      Kirk Arsenault
      P: (902) 476-6143 / E:
School Administration Supervisor:
      Wendy Mackey
      P: (902) 464-2000 ext 4404/ F: (902) 464-2254 / E:
Program & Student Services Facilitator:
      Maureen Banfield
      P: (902) 464-2000 ext 2571 / F: (902) 464-2013 / E:
Human Resource Manager:
      Jeri Lee McElhiney
      P: (902) 464-2000 ext 2212 / F: (902) 464-2316 / E:

EXCEL Programs Offered

Before School: No
After School: No


Admin Unit: 1
Family: Citadel High
Bus Cluster: 2

Grade & Program Information

Term/Semester: Term
English Grades: 07-09
French Immersion: N/A
French Grades: N/A
ELO Comment:

Feeder Schools (English)

Senior High: Citadel High

Feeder Schools (French)

Enrollment History (as of September 30)

2013: 125 students
2012: 112 students
2011: 118 students
2010: 130 students
2009: 135 students
2008: 151 students
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